About Co.Curated

Colleen (Co) Yappueying, Founder and Lead Curator of Co.Curated. 

Co.Curated has gone through many evolutions since starting in 2014. It's been a lifestyle blog, then more recently a handmade business where I specialized in hand-crafted sculpture and jewelry as a way to get back in touch with myself as an artist. But, something always felt like it was missing for me and the community I've built through social media.

 My passions in life, aside from family, are home, reading, and art. I've always been a homebody and have invested in curating a comfortable space surrounded by art and books. It only felt natural that my business, Co.Curated embodies these passions. In order to do so we will concentrate on the following pillars:

  1. Home/Art: I enjoy designing and crafting home goods. Co.Curated will begin offering a consistent line of products, alongside smaller, exclusive releases featuring paintings and functional pieces.
  2. Reading: We'll sell both new and used books, organize bookish events like reading challenges and book clubs, and hopefully host retreats that blend reading and creativity. We'll blend this lifestyle of book exploration with designed merchandise too.
  3. Collaboration: I'll partner with other creatives in the community to create limited-edition items and curate book selections outside my expertise, broadening our offerings reach.

I aim for our shop to help others curate their ideal space and life. I believe good design should be within reach of anyone, and that community can be built through a mutual love of, well to put it plainly, being cozy.

 This evolution of Co.Curated begins as a mobile bookshop; flexibly allowing the freedom to build and expand this community. The mission is ever evolving. As we grow, so will our offerings. I do have bigger goals (ahem, a permanent storefront) but for now—this new chapter starts here!